Articles - 2019 September

Internet articles selection from September 2019.

Articles - 2019 September

About Italy

Interesting move. Hope it won't change the great wines they produce. But I'm neither a younger drinker or a woman...good to be more inclusive I guess...

Chianti producers to consider increasing sweetness to 'appeal to women' and younger drinkers

"It will still be a dry wine," Giovanni Busi, consortium president told The Telegraph. "The limit we have will be the same as other famous Italian wines like the Brunello and the Barolo. It won't taste any sweeter."

About France

Articles about two different subjects:

  • Though year for producers in France as unclement weather did impact most of the crops

Fires, droughts and frost have badly damaged France's wine harvest

Droughts and wildfires have damaged the French wine harvest. Photo: AFP France's wine output is expected to fall 12 percent this year, the agriculture ministry has estimated, after spring frosts followed by summer heat waves took a heavy toll on vineyards across the country.

  • To spray or not to spray? It is illegal not to spray in most of the French wine regions. But maybe those buffer zones will help to protect the neighboring areas.

No-spray zones divide French farmers from anxious neighbors

PARIS (AP) - When tractors laden with pesticides and other chemicals start spraying the vineyards that produce fruity Bordeaux wines, Marie-Lys Bibeyran's phone starts to ring.

About Chile

As a big fan of Chilean wines always happy to see the push towards higher quality.

Concha sets Don Melchor apart with new winery

The brand will still be owned by Concha y Toro but now exists as its own complete entity for the first time. Created in 1987 by the Guilisasti family of Concha y Toro, Don Melchor was one of Chile's first 'icon' wines, a near 100% Cabernet Sauvignon blend (there is often a small amount of Cabernet Franc) from Puente Alto in the upper Maipo Valley.

About Pinot Noir

Nice article about the different expressions of Pinot Noir around the World.

If Pinot Noir Is Your Wine of Choice, We Have News for You

Pinot Noir is elegant, complex, and has a well-balanced, fruit-forward flavor. But one thing many of us get wrong about Pinot that it's inaccessible. Pinot Noir grapes grow all over the world and produce delicious, balanced, highly worthwhile bottles of wine. Here are the regions that grow and bottle